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If you would like to purchase one of these items, please call our store to place an order at 815-777-2802. We would be happy to ship within 24 hours. Please ask for Lisa for assistance, or leave your name and number and she will return your call as soon as possible.


Walk safely in snow and ice with Yaktrax Walker or Pro!

Yaktrax walker $19.99

  • Mens xs1-4.5, s5-8, m9-11, L11-13.5.
    Womens xs2-6, s6-10, m10-12, L13-15

Yaktrax Pro $29.99

  • Mens s5-8.5, m9-11, L11.5-13.5, XL14+
    Womens s6.5-10, m10.5-12.5, L13-15, XL 15.5+

$6.50 Priority mail to ship
Plus 8.25% sales tax


Shamrock Scarves!
Halloween Scarves!
Christmas Scarves!
Easter Scarves!
Valentines Scarves!

$10.00 Each

12″ x 60″ Makes a great table runner too!

$3 parcel post or $6.50 Priority Mail
Plus 8.25% sales tax


Incrediwear Knee Brace!

$39.99 Each

  • Sizes run: medium, large,
    extra large and 2xl

$6.50 Priority Mail
Plus 8.25% sales tax


Incrediwear Ankle Brace!

$28.95 Each

  • Sizes: S/M or L
    (two sizes only)

Ship Priority Mail $6.50
Plus Sales Tax 8.25%


Incrediwear Wrist Brace

$22.95 Each

Ship Priority Mail $6.50
Plus Sales Tax 8.25%